New Dual Shield all-position rutile flux-cored wires

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New Dual Shield all-position rutile flux-cored wiresESAB is launching three new Dual Shield all-position rutile flux-cored wires for welding creep-resisting steels in applications where elevated temperatures are encountered - such as in the power generation sector. Dual Shield MoL, CrMo1 and CrMo2 are suitable for welding, respectively, 0.5 per centMo, 1.25 per cent Cr/0.5 per cent Mo and 2.25 per cent Cr/1 per cent Mo creep-resisting steels with an Ar/CO2 mixture shielding gas.

Developed to be very welder-friendly, the Dual Shield wires are characterised by excellent weldability, with a soft, spatter-free arc that ensures good penetration and wetting; the slag is easily removed to reveal flat beads with a smooth appearance.

Due to the use of spray arc transfer, it is easy to avoid positional weld defects such as a lack of fusion and slag inclusions. Diffusible hydrogen satisfies the EN H5 class when tested under the conditions prescribed in the relevant standard. Furthermore, the weld metal remains low-hydrogen throughout a wide envelope of welding parameters, which helps to ensure good impact toughness at temperatures as low as -20 degrees C after stress relieving.

To aid all-positional welding, the wires benefit from a fast-freezing slag that supports the weld pool. The result is that deposition rates are higher than those for either stick electrodes or solid wires. In vertical up welding, for example, deposition rates are as high as 4kg/hr (100 per cent duty cycle). Although welding parameters can be optimised for different positions, it is also possible to use a single setting for all positions, which saves time and enhances productivity in fit-up work.

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