Compact positioning controllers are CANopen-compatible

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maxon motor is introducing the EPOS2 24/2 positioning controllers that are specifically designed for controlling and commanding miniaturised applications utilising CANopen networks. Three variations of the EPOS2 24/2 are available for driving brushed DC and brushless EC motors up to 48W, with digital encoders and Hall sensors as required.

Despite measuring just 50mm x 40mm, the EPOS2 24/2 offers an impressive range of control functions, including dual-loop position and speed control. A broad variety of modes, including position, current and velocity control, make the tiny controller versatile for automated systems, tools building and mechatronics, particularly where space is at a premium.

'Interpolated Position Mode' (PVT) allows very accurate, synchronous running with high dynamics, and co-ordinated multi-axis movements, while 'step/direction mode' gives incrementally controlled movement of the motor shaft, and master 'encoder mode' applies the drive as electronic gearing.

Moreover, as part of maxon's second-generation EPOS2 family, the controller's compatibility with CANopen according to CiA 40, is supplemented with USB and RS232 communication, including the key gateway functions USB-to-CAN and RS232-to-CAN.

Upgrade existing applications

Backwards-compatibility in both mechanical and electronic aspects also ensures the 24/2 has exactly the same dimensions and pin compatibility as its predecessor, the EPOS 24/1, but with added functionality and double the output power.

Similarly, the easy-to-use EPOS Studio user interface enables engineers to transfer parameters from the 24/1 to the new 24/2 controller with ease – as well as fine-tuning its operation at will.

Senior sales engineer Paul Williams says: "With tiny controllers as sophisticated and versatile as these, there is really no reason for engineers to go to the effort, risk and expense of making their own electronics.

"With a purpose-made controller, total compatibility with maxon motors is assured, they are small enough to slot right into most systems and we can customise the size, shape or connectivity to fit. You would need a pretty good reason not to!"

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