Mini configurable safety controllers are easier to expand

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Mini configurable safety controllers are easier to expandPilz is launching additional PNOZmulti Mini base units for its range of PNOZmulti software-configurable safety relays. These enable rapid, easy connection to popular fieldbus communications, distributed control via new safe link modules, as well as contact expansion. As a result, safety-related control systems for interlinked and decentralised plants can be created easily and economically.

The PNOZmulti Mini is the latest addition to the successful PNOZmulti range of multifunctional control systems from Pilz. With a width of just 45mm, the PNOZmulti Mini is extremely compact and therefore saves panel space in manufacturing and process control applications, including CNC machining centres, machine tools, presses, packaging machines, injection moulding machines, robot cells, and metal processing.

New PNOZmm0.1p and PNOZmm0.2p base units are now available in addition to the existing PNOZmm0p non-expandable base unit; these new models can be expanded using safe outputs (using PNOZsigma units), communication modules (Ethernet TCP/IP or Modbus TCP), and/or safe link modules that increase safety input capacity and safety-related data transmission between interconnected base units. The new base units are being launched with two safe link options: added or built-in.

Base unit options

The PNOZmm0.1p base unit is for use with the additional safe link module PNOZmml1p to interconnect multiple base units, providing distributed transmission of safety-related control data between base units across a machine; this enables sophisticated zoning for harmonious safety and productivity. While the PNOZmm0.2p base unit achieves exactly the same, it features an integrated safe link interface in the same 45mm housing, providing yet more savings in panel.

For applications requiring decentralised wiring of safety sensor inputs (such as light curtains, mechanical interlock switches and coded magnetic switches) the new safe link module PNOZmml2p can be used with either of the new PNOZmulti Mini bases to connect to new IP67 input modules known as Pilz Distributed Periphery PDP67 (see diagram). Up to sixteen PDP67 modules can be connected to a single base via four multi link modules, so up to 64 extra safety functions may be connected to a single base in a decentralised manner. Each connected safety sensor can be addressed and diagnosed separately, which eliminates the problem of fault-masking encountered with traditional series-hardwiring of sensors. As a result, all safety functions can be monitored not just safely, but directly in the field.

Safe link modules are designed up to PL e in accordance with BS EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL 3 in accordance with BS EN 62061.

Base units are said to be easy to configure using the proven Pilz PNOZmulti Configurator software tool. This means base units are configured rather than wired, resulting in less wiring and reduced installation times.

Simple and economical

Alex Bryce, the Sales Manager at Pilz, comments: "The new expansion modules provide users with a simple and economical method of expansion by selecting compatible modules. This means that interlinked machines and decentralised plants can now be monitored using the PNOZmulti Mini. In addition, the new ultra-compact, 45mm wide base unit saves precious space in the control cabinet, is easy to set up and configure, and provides simple diagnostics via an integrated display with customisable text."

PNOZmulti Mini base units provide 20 safe inputs. Up to eight of these inputs can be set as standard outputs in the PNOZmulti Configurator. The unit also offers four safe semiconductor outputs and four test pulse outputs.

Pilz says the PNOZmulti Mini builds on the existing benefits of the PNOZmulti, which include multi-functionality, easy configuration, a compact design, simple diagnostics through an integrated display, and up to 40 per cent reduction in the time and costs required for all engineering phases.

The new PNOZmm0.1p and PNOZmm0.2p base units are expandable on the left-hand side by using up to four PNOZmml1p multi-Link safe link modules (for interconnecting multiple PNOZmulti units) or up to four PNOZmm12p modules (for connection of the distributed periphery PDP67 modules), and by using PNOZmmc1p or PNOZmmc2p communication modules (for Ethernet TCP/IP and Modbus TCP comms). Output expansion is achieved on the right-hand side using the existing range of Pilz PNOZsigma expansion modules (PNOZs7 – s11), thereby increasing the number of relay contacts available.

Follow the link for more information about the PNOZmulti Mini or contact Pilz by emailing or telephoning +44 (0)1536 460 766.

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