Stainless steel inductive proximity switches with long range

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Stainless steel inductive proximity switches with long rangeifm electronic is launching a range of stainless steel inductive proximity switches for applications in the food and beverage industries. Both the threaded body and the sensor face are manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel, resulting in the best possible seal and ruggedness.

Significantly for food applications - and ifm electronic claims this to be unique in the market - these sensors will also detect stainless steel targets at long ranges, with no reduction in performance compared to mild steel. This means, for example, that the M30 with a nominal 25mm range will achieve that full range on stainless steel. Ranges attainable with the other sizes are 12mm for the M18 and 6mm for the M12.

ifm electronic understands the demands of food production environments and has designed these sensors to withstand thermal shock from 0 to 100degC, with a seal rating up to and including IP69K.

All M12, M18 and M30 switches are intended for non-flush mounting to give the extra sensing range. In total there are six devices, three positive switching and three negative, all normally-open types.

To complement these sensors, ifm offers the EVT series connectors, which are designed for use in the same environment to guarantee the sensor performance and seal.

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