New Murex Saffire SupAcet 5 welding and cutting outfit

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New Murex Saffire SupAcet 5 welding and cutting outfitThe Murex Saffire SupAcet 5 welding and cutting outfit is described as a comprehensive package that provides full heavy-duty welding and cutting capability. It is suitable for use within the scrap metal industry and for metal reclamation work, can weld up to 5mm steel and has a plate cutting capability of 75mm.

Fully portable and supplied in a robust case, the SupAcet 5 outfit includes a Saffire oxygen/acetylene regulator, Saffire 5 cutting torch, cutting and welding nozzles, flashback arrestors, hose assemblies, welding goggles and other essentials. The Saffire blowpipe features the renowned Saffire 'tip mix' principle for operational simplicity, while the shank and processing mixture ensures full operational safety.

SupAcet 5 is just part of a comprehensive range of Saffire Welding and Cutting outfits from Murex, for a wide variety of welding and cutting applications. Each outfit is tailored to the needs of a particular market sector, ranging from heavy-duty industrial applications down to micro-welding.

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