SKF fryer bearings cope with cooking oil and high temperatures

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SKF fryer bearings cope with cooking oil and high temperaturesSKF is launching the SKF fryer bearings, which are specifically designed for use on automatic frying equipment and are capable of withstanding the demanding oil-filled environment and high temperatures of fried food processing. The SKF fryer bearing units offer extended bearing service life, are corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free, and benefit manufacturers in food processing sectors where reliability and risk of contamination are key factors in ensuring optimum productivity and minimal production costs.

Bearings play a critical role in the functioning of conveyor or paddle equipment used with automatic fryers, ensuring smooth and efficient running of fried food processes for products such as crisps and chips. However, with oil splash, oil-filled vapours and temperatures exceeding 180degC, coupled with the exposed positioning of the bearings within the fryers, it is typically necessary to change these components frequently due to wear or failure.

Conditions can be further exacerbated during regular cleaning or boil out operations using caustic solutions and, as a consequence, typical bearings require regreasing. Worst still can happen if a bearing failure occurs during operation, resulting in contamination of the food product and wastage.

However, SKF fryer bearing units incorporate the latest SKF bearing technology and have been designed to overcome this testing environment. The units feature a special high-temperature plastic cage design, plus a stainless steel shield and flinger in a corrosion-resistant housing. Unlike conventional bearings, the SKF bearings require no lubrication, thereby eliminating any possibility of oil contamination through grease washout and avoiding costly delays in food production. The units are highly resistant to abrasion and are configured to allow cooking oil to enter the bearing and act as an effective lubricant, while at the same time preventing foreign matter entering the bearing.

The robust design and manufacture of the SKF fryer bearing units helps to eliminate the need for unplanned downtime or maintenance for regreasing, which are typically associated with conventional bearings. This enables food processing manufacturers to extend the service life of bearings to more than 16,000 hours.

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