Turbomachinery control packages reduce cost of ownership

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Rockwell Automation is introducing three new turbomachinery control (TMC) packages that incorporate standard, commercial, off-the-shelf control and visualisation technology for fast installation and troubleshooting at a lower total cost of ownership. Packages for one- and two-valve steam turbines, as well as single-stage compressors, are preconfigured with proven TMC control algorithms and offer extensive communication and diagnostic capabilities for improved uptime.

Rick McLin, the turbomachinery controls business manager at Rockwell Automation, states: "These new packaged solutions offer cost-effective, advanced technology solutions for applications that were previously considered too small to warrant the investment. The solutions also feature graphical representation of machine operations via a standard human-machine interface, making configuration, startup and troubleshooting much easier for engineers and operators less familiar with TMC control."

With better alarm-management capabilities, operators can identify specific hardware and sequencing failures to solve downtime problems more quickly than using traditional methods. In addition, each TMC package easily integrates into existing control infrastructures for easier expansion with fewer control components.

The single-valve steam turbine governor features a standard programmable automation controller and graphical user interface to provide comprehensive diagnostics and trending capabilities.

In the pipeline

Two further turbomachinery control packages are in development and will be released soon, including the single-stage compressor controller that will be equipped with a dynamic compressor performance map and full graphical interface with comprehensive diagnostics and trending capabilities. It also includes engineering toolsets to simplify and standardise design and engineering. The compressor control package is suitable for anti-surge and capacity-control applications on compressors used in the oil and gas production, transportation and refining industries, as well as fertiliser production.

The two-valve steam turbine governor package, which also will be released soon, is equipped with all the features of the single-valve governor and adds extraction control, auxiliary PID, and generator-load-control capabilities. Both steam-turbine packages are suitable for use on pump, fan, compressor and generator drives in the refining, petrochemical production, fertiliser, and pulp and paper industries.

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