WFS Fork Sensor detects labels and double sheet feeds

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WFS Fork Sensor detects labels and double sheet feedsSick (UK) is launching the WFS Fork Sensor that is claimed to bring new precision to label printing for packaging and other production operations. Designed specifically to be mounted at the outlet of the label dispenser, it accurately detects label location and interval on the substrate, enabling rapid adjustment to made for different label runs with exceptional repeat accuracy.

The compact design of the Sick WFS Fork Sensor provides edge detection of non-transparent labels on different web materials, and also double sheet feed incidents. The 50us response time ensures rapid reaction at high web speeds, and fast response to adjustments.

New labels can be taught-in remotely via a PLC or control panel during operation, and on-sensor controls provide fine tuning. The light/dark switching function enables rapid contrast switching.

The plastic housing provides for easy mounting over the edge of the label strip, and the complete unit is environmentally protected to IP65 to ensure a long, reliable sensor life under production conditions.

For more information about the Sick WFS Fork Sensor, contact: Ann Attridge () or Andrea Hornby () or telephone +44 (0)1727 831121.

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