S300 Mini laser scanner offers best price-performance point

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S300 Mini laser scanner offers best price-performance pointSick (UK) is launching the ultra-compact S300 Mini laser scanner that is claimed to be the smallest on the market, offering superior versatility and reliability for standalone or complex, multi-sensor safety configurations. Suitable for both static and mobile applications, its size and functionality make it an excellent single-unit replacement for common multi-component systems or barriers - such as safety mats - which are subject to wear.

Seb Strutt, a Safety Specialist with Sick (UK), comments: "The S300 Mini scanner is the result of more than 15 years of Sick experience in the field. It is the smallest safety laser scanner currently available and offers the best price vs performance point on the market. It is available in two models: firstly as the Standard, single-sensor unit, which brings high technology to applications requiring lower-cost solutions; for example, vertical or horizontal protection in packaging machines and materials handling. The second, Remote model is for more complex applications requiring multiple field switching, such as automated and self-guided vehicles."

The S300 Mini is only 116mm high, 102mm deep and 105mm wide, offering easing mounting in a wide range of fixed and moving applications. IP65 environmental protection enables it to be used in wet or dirty environments, inside or outside.

Despite the S300 Mini laser scanner's small size, its high scanning performance delivers a 270-degree protective scanning field and a range of up to two metres. It can also be programmed as a triple-field set-up, with two warning zones for additional versatility in use.

In the S300 Mini laser scanner's Remote format, up to 16 triple-field sets and up to 32 monitoring cases can be managed, enabling bespoke safety protection systems to be set-up with relative ease. The latest Enhanced Function Interface facilitates networking through Sick's FlexiSoft advanced controllers, with less cabling for simpler installation.

The S300 Mini laser scanner meets the safety requirements of Performance Level D in accordance with EN ISO 13849, of SIL2 to IEC 61508, and for opto-electronic protective devices to Type 3 of IEC 616496.

For more information on the Sick S300 Mini laser scanners, contact Ann Attridge () or Andrea Hornby (), or telephone +44 (0)1727 831121.

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