Vogel bevel helical gearboxes suit servo applications

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Vogel bevel helical gearboxes suit servo applicationsTechdrives is now supplying Vogel bevel helical gearboxes to suit demanding drive applications. The KS range is characterised by compact dimensions and high efficiency, and the gearboxes also have very low backlash and inertia, which makes them suitable for use with servo motors. With eight sizes and rated torques from 100 to 12,800Nm, these gearboxes are said to be an attractive alternative to other right-angled designs that use worm and helical worm technology, resulting in superior performance and efficiency.

The Vogel KS is a two-stage gearbox. The input stage is a bevel gearset with spiral-cut gearing that achieves a large contact engagement so that high torques can be transmitted in a small size. The output stage is a helical gearset that is hardened and ground. Ratios available are from 6.0 to 48.0 and running efficiencies are in the range 90 to 96 per cent, depending on the ratio. Precision manufacture of the gears results in angular backlash below 10arcmins and on request this can be further reduced to below 4arcmins.

A modular casing design gives machine builders the option of a free shaft or motor flange inputs. Flanges are to IEC standard dimensions or on request they can be customised to suit servo motors using a shrink disc shaft connection that is backlash-free. Output can be either male single shaft, double shaft or hollow shaft with or without shrink disc. Where an application calls for a servo geared motor with right-angle configuration, these gearboxes are very useful. High torque capacity provides for 250 per cent emergency stop torques, compact dimensions, and low inertias - and the low backlash enables precision positioning to be achieved.

The key feature of the Vogel KS bevel helical gearboxes is the combination of precision bevel and helical gearsets. This gives a high power density, but low inertias and low backlash that particularly suits servo and reversing drives. The high efficiency is close to the levels of in-line helical gearboxes and is claimed to be outstanding for a right-angled design. KS gearboxes are available on their own or as geared motors through Techdrives.

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19 October 2011

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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