New, enhanced FAG WiPro s online condition monitoring system

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New, enhanced FAG WiPro s online condition monitoring systemSchaeffler Industrial Aftermarket (IAM) is launching an improved version of its FAG WiPro s online condition monitoring system, being more compact than its predecessor and benefiting from enhanced functionality and flexibility.

In the new design, the monitoring unit and multiplexer are integrated in a single, compact housing that offers a high degree of versatility for end users. The new FAG WiPro s is suitable for permanent condition monitoring of wind turbines.

Unlike its predecessor, the new system combines all control modules into a single compact housing, which measures just 260 x 150 x 90mm, enabling easy installation in control cabinets. The integrated multiplexer enables the recording of signals from up to eight different sensors.

The FAG WiPro s can save up to 16 separate monitoring tasks and execute these automatically. The system is protected to IP67 and can therefore be installed in harsh environments, in ambient temperatures from -20 to +70degC.

FAG WiPro s systems monitor vibration conditions, which, if left undetected, could cause costly unplanned shutdowns of wind turbines. These conditions include damage to bearings and gears, as well as shaft misalignments. If a specified threshold value is exceeded, the system triggers an alarm.

Vibration data analysis

Vibration monitoring data can be analysed directly on site at the central control station or this data can be retrieved via a TCP/IP communications link and analysed by either the end user or by Schaeffler Industrial Aftermarket Services. This means that operators can make changes to system parameters remotely from anywhere in the world.

The FAG WiPro s is specially developed for the wind power industry. Wind turbine drive train (main bearings, gearboxes, couplings and generators) and tower vibration can be monitored as a function of the operating parameters. Integration of oil quality (particles) as part of the monitoring is also possible. FAG WiPro s can also analyse measurement signals already installed in the wind turbine nacelle.

Due to its integrated overvoltage protection device, the FAG WiPro s can be adapted to customers' specific requirements. The system is based on its predecessor, the FAG WiPro, which was certified by Germanische Lloyd and acknowledged by German insurance company Allianz Zentrum fur Technik (AZT). This will enable insurance companies to offer customers of the FAG WiPro s more favourable insurance terms for wind turbine installations.

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