New ESAB Buddy Tig 160 for entry-level Tig welding

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New ESAB Buddy Tig 160 for entry-level Tig weldingESAB is launching the Buddy Tig 160 entry-level Tig welding machine. Despite its highly competitive price, this unit still benefits from ESAB's renowned performance, ruggedness and reliability. The Buddy Tig 160 delivers 160A at 16.4V on a 25 per cent duty cycle, or 100A at 14V on a 60 per cent duty cycle. However, the machine is also capable of MMA (stick) welding, for which it delivers 160A at 26.4V on a 25 per cent duty cycle, or 100A at 24.0V on a 60 per cent duty cycle.

Typical applications for this versatile welding inverter include plant fabrication and maintenance, site maintenance and repair, civil construction, general fabrication, and agricultural fabrication and repairs. ESAB has designed the Buddy Tig 160 to be lightweight and portable, so it is supplied complete with a carry handle and shoulder strap. Versatility is further enhanced by the machine's ability to operate via extended mains cables or from a generator set. Both mild steel and stainless steel can be Tig welded, with or without filler materials, and most MMA electrodes from 1.6mm to 3.2mm diameter can be used.

Ease of use is a major advantage of the Buddy Tig 160, which features a simple control panel with two rotary knobs, one for setting the welding current and the other for setting the slope-down time in Tig mode or arc force in MMA mode. When operating in Tig mode, the machine benefits from smooth arc characteristics and an HF start function that prevents contamination of the weld material and electrode. The operator can choose from two-stroke and four-stroke torch trigger modes, and an integral gas valve helps to minimise gas consumption.

Long-term reliability

The Buddy Tig 160 has a highly efficient fan for cooling the electronics, plus three heat sinks and a thermal protection circuit. Together, these features help to ensure a long, trouble-free operating life. State-of-the-art welding performance is provided by means of high-grade IGBT technology.

Included with each Buddy Tig 160 is an ESAB ET 17 Tig torch with a 4m cable and 2.4mm tungsten electrode, and also a 3m MMA welding and return cable kit.

More information about the Buddy Tig 160 is provided in a datasheet that is available free of charge. Copies can be requested from ESAB Publicity on +44 (0)800 3893152 or email (please mention

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