New compact Origo Mig 4004i and 5004i welding machines

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New compact Origo Mig 4004i and 5004i welding machinesESAB is launching the Origo Mig 4004i and Origo Mig 5004i welding machines. These compact and lightweight inverter-based power sources are designed for high-productivity applications using MIG/MAG and MMA welding processes.

Compared with alternative machines, these new models are said to benefit from a 70 per cent smaller footprint, an 80 per cent lower weight and the ability to operate at higher duty cycles: at a 100 per cent duty cycle both machines deliver 300A at 32V, while the output can be maintained at 400A/36V by the 4004i and 5004i machines operating at 60 and 80 per cent duty cycles, respectively.

Typical applications will be found in general industrial fabrication, the energy sector (including wind turbine towers), trucks and buses, off-highway equipment, construction steelwork, and shipbuilding and offshore. As well as being suitable for manual welding, these power sources can also be used for mechanised welding in conjunction with ESAB Miggytrac and Railtrac equipment.

Depending on the wire feeder chosen, the machines can be used with solid or cored welding wires up to 1.6 or 2.4mm in diameter. Designed to operate from a three-phase supply of 380–440V +/-10 per cent, or powered by a generator, the Origo Mig 4004i and 5004i are very versatile. A sturdy trolley with four lifting eyes makes the machines easily transportable; each weighs just 46kg, or 50kg including the cooling system.

Control panels

Customers have a choice of the proven ESAB A44 or MA24 control panels, either of which can have a remote control connected. The A44 incorporates features such as LiveTig for automatic control of the start current, Hot Start, Arc Force and an onboard memory for multiple sets of welding parameters. More sophistication is offered by the MA24, which includes Qset, ESAB's system for optimising the welding process and then automatically fine-tuning the parameters 'on the fly' during welding. In addition, Synergic lines help users to weld with the optimum parameters for a given combination of parent metal, wire and gas. Other features on the MA24 panel include Creep-Start and Crater Fill.

To complement the Origo Mig 4004i and 5004i power sources, ESAB offers the Origo Feed 3004 and 4804 wire feeders. These can either be used with standard spools of welding wire or the ESAB Marathon Pac bulk drums that eliminate the downtime associated with conventional spool changes.

To help reduce energy costs, the Origo Mig 4004i and 5004i machines operate at greater than 85 per cent efficiency and near-unity power factor. In addition, the on-demand cooling system turns off automatically after 6.5 minutes of inactivity.

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