Welding helmet sets new standards for comfort and usability

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Welding helmet sets new standards for comfort and usabilityESAB is launching the Aristo Tech 5-13 auto-darkening helmet for operatives requiring safety, usability, comfort and reliability. Conforming to CE, ANSI, AS/NZS and CSA standards, the Aristo Tech helmet features digital lens technology, with an internal LCD display and precise control over the shade level (DIN 5–13), sensitivity (eight levels) and delay (0.1–3.5s).

Adjustments to the shade and sensitivity levels are made using controls on the outside of the shell, which are easy to operate even when wearing gloves. A new Quick Set shade-change facility means that with one click of the switch the setting is changed by one increment, or the switch can be held up or down to make multiple changes. Grind Mode is activated automatically at the lowest sensitivity setting, and full protection is provided against ultraviolet and infrared radiation at all shade settings. Thanks to this high degree of control, the helmet is suitable for all manual welding and cutting operations, including plasma cutting and grinding.

ESAB has designed the helmet to be comfortable even when worn for extended periods. This has been achieved through a light yet tough helmet shell, together with the Comfort head gear that is lightweight and easily adjusted. Together the helmet and headgear weigh just 450g, which is lighter than comparable welding helmets. Computer-aided design and engineering techniques have also resulted in a helmet that is very well balanced, and wearers can adjust the distance between the helmet and their face to suit their working position and personal preferences.

To ensure that the helmet provides a long, trouble-free operating life, the standard front cover lens is coated to resist heat and scratching. Furthermore, a special moulding process creates a convex lens that still retains Class 1 optical characteristics. This curvature eliminates the risk of duplicate ghost arcs being viewed through the auto-darkening cartridge, avoids reflections, and helps to prevent spatter and slag from adhering to the lens.

Reliability is further enhanced by means of integrated circuit technology that minimises the number of individual components, plus the electronics are immune to interference from other electrical/electronic equipment. Power comes from solar cells, so there is no need to change batteries, the high-gloss surface contours are easy to wipe clean, and the headband can be removed for washing.

Customers have a choice of three colours for the Aristo Tech 5-13 helmet, namely black, yellow and white, and each helmet comes with a two-year warranty. Options for the new helmets include versions prepared to accept a fresh air feed and/or hard hat, magnifying lenses and hearing protection.

ESAB’s Aristo Tech 5-13 helmet is featured in the company’s new 96-page PPE and Welding Accessories catalogue, which is available free of charge from ESAB Publicity on 0800 3893152, or email . For more information, go to the website at

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