New, smaller slip-on geared motor has 1600Nm output torque

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New, smaller slip-on geared motor has 1600Nm output torqueA strength of the Framo Morat Compacta slip-on geared motors from R. A. Rodriguez is their ability to provide a reliable driving force in a small design envelope. And with the introduction of the new Compacta AG160 to the range, this attribute is even more pronounced. This top-of-the-range addition extends output torque to 1600Nm yet has a housing that only measures 375.25mm × 200mm.

The smaller dimensions and the low weight of Compacta are achieved by the use of a spur and worm gear transmission combined with performance-optimised motors; the transmission is also exceptionally quiet. The design’s integrated and easily adjustable limit and safety switches contribute to the Compacta’s flexibility. It can also be equipped with a potentiometer for position feedback, allowing for precise control and repeatable positioning.

Thanks to the modular design of Compacta it can be tailored to the precise needs of the application, for example offering a range of output speeds and using a solenoid actuated brake when needed. In this way its scope of application can range from machinery fabrication to packaging and stage technology. A further benefit is that each Compacta is optimised for the specific task so it is easy to install without the need for additional drive components.

Although recently introduced to the UK, the Compacta AG160 has already proven its ability on mainland Europe. A typical application is its use as a hinged cover drive for machines that automatically mix and marinate meat products. Known as ‘tumblers’, these machines have a computer-controlled 20-second load system, and during the process the 60kg lid is opened and closed through a 90degree angle by the Compacta AG160.

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