Worm-geared motors are easy to select and install

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Worm-geared motors are easy to select and install Aluminium worm-geared motors in a power range 90W to 2.2kW are now available on the Techdrives website. Selection and ordering is simple from a comprehensive range with standard hollow shaft output or modular options of male shafts, feet, torque arms and flanges. There are six sizes with gearbox centres from 30 to 110mm, each size with typically 14 available ratios covering output speeds from 12 to 200 r/min. Orders are built from stock parts and delivery in a few days is normally possible.

Worm gearboxes are not energy efficient and have relatively low running efficiencies of 50–80 per cent depending on the ratio. Therefore they are not well suited to machine applications that run continuously simply because they have relatively high energy costs. However they are suitable for drives that run intermittently and where energy usage is not so important. Here they have advantages of low purchase cost, no maintenance, and flexibility in the way they can be mounted.

The Techdrives worm-geared range is based on standard asynchronous AC motors, although brake motors and DC motors are equally possible. They can be an economical option for intermittent drives using IE2 motors from 0.75kW upwards. Selection is easy and the modular mounting options make these geared motors easily adaptable into machine designs. Details are given on

04 May 2012

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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