Two-wire transducer and constant voltage source can save space

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Two-wire transducer and constant voltage source can save spaceThe Mini Analogue family of 6.2mm isolation amplifiers from Phoenix Contact has been expanded to include a new passive two-wire transducer and a high-precision constant voltage source. The Mini MCR-SL-UI-LP-NC isolation amplifier, powered by the output loop, makes it possible to connect to active analogue input modules. It isolates, converts, and filters analogue signals from 2mA to 40mA and from 50mV to 30V. On the output side, the isolation amplifier works with a 4–20mA loop. The DIP switch, accessible from the side, allows you to quickly and easily configure the isolation amplifier, with no time-consuming software configuration. A large number of adjustable input signal ranges as well as zero/span adjustment make a wide variety of applications possible.

Claimed to be the most compact constant voltage source available on the market, the Mini MCR-SL-CVS-24-5-10-NC module delivers precise voltages from 2.5V DC, 5V DC, 7.5V DC, or 10V DC for use in potentiometers, bridge circuits, and other sensors. This setting is selected using the DIP switches on the side. Voltages of 9.6V DC to 30V DC can be applied on the input side. Inputs and outputs are electrically isolated. The new Mini Analogue modules offer advantages such as low power loss, high measuring accuracy, optional screw or spring-cage connection technology, efficient power supply using power bridging, and a system cabling concept.

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