Compact servo drives and motors offer higher performance

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Compact servo drives and motors offer higher performanceTechdrives says that the new Panasonic A5 servo drives and motors set a high performance standard in the power range 50W to 1.5kW and for rated torques of 0.16 to 4.8Nm. Designed for use with a single-phase 230V supply, the drives give ultra-high response and Safe Torque Off as standard. Motors have reduced weight, a peak speed of 6000rpm and options including brakes and gearboxes. The A5 system is also backwards-compatible with the Panasonic A4 system, making upgrades easy.

Compared with previous models, the A5 synchronous servo motors are 10 to 25 per cent lighter. They also feature a 20 bit encoder that gives a remarkable 1.04 million pulses/revolution for smoother and more accurate positioning. Maximum speed has been increased to 6000rpm and a peak torque capacity of 3x rated is available. The internal design features a ten-pole rotor that gives speed stability and insignificant cogging torques. Externally the motors are protected to IP67.

Two types of drive are available. The most popular takes analogue inputs and has a very high response frequency of 2kHz, giving increased positional accuracy. Safe Torque Off is standard and rated at SIL 2 and PL d. Setting up the drives is said to be simple, with real-time auto-gain tuning plus both manual and automatic filters for notch and damping. Both the analogue and the alternative step/direction drives are designed for 230V AC single-phase input.

Panaterm set-up software is supplied free with the drives. This has been upgraded and now includes service life prediction, a data logging function and motion simulation. Connecting cables for power and feedback between the drives and the motors are available at various lengths with plugs pre-fitted, and these are also IP67 at the motor end. The motors and brake motors have the option of planetary gearheads with standard or low backlash, and these give rated output speeds of between 150 and 1000rpm in six ratios.

Panasonic's A5 servo system delivers increased performance and safety with compact dimensions and operation from a single-phase supply. There are seven power levels between 50W and 1.5kW. Follow the link for more information about Panasonic A5 servo drives and motors.

18 July 2012

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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