F Series SCARA Robots sets new performance benchmarks

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F Series SCARA Robots sets new performance benchmarksThe benefits of robotic lifting, positioning and assembling are being opened up to new users, with the extension of Mitsubishi Electric’s SCARA robot offering. The new F Series extends Mitsubishi’s RH range of MELFA SCARA robots, setting new benchmark standards for speed, flexibility, ease of integration and simplicity of programming.

Combining a wide area of coverage with the industry’s fastest cycle times, the cost-effective F Series can boost productivity on critical production lines. The RH-6FH can lift up to 6kg, the RH-3FH up to 3kg. With a cycle time of under 0.30s, performance is over 205 picks per minute. The reachable area is from +/-127 degrees to +/-170 degrees, well behind its base.

Designed for long-term reliability, low-maintenance use in challenging environments, the F Series is easily upgraded to IP65. Wiring is routed internally through the spindle and includes as standard, an Ethernet connection for end effectors, sensors and vision systems. Other standard features include tracking functions, USB and additional-axis connections. The robot can use a standalone controller or one embedded in an iQ Platform module for direct integration with Mitsubishi PLCs and PACs. For multi-robot installations, the IQ Platform provides ‘cooperating robots’ as a standard function. This allows two robots to jointly lift a workpiece, sharing the load and allowing easy transfer of long objects. An ‘anti collision’ function means robots can work close together.

Offline programming is simple via Mitsubishi’s RT ToolBox2 PC-based software, which integrates the company’s whole range of automation platforms – PLCs, servos, motion controllers, variable speed drives, HMIs, PC-based controllers and CNC systems. An alternative programming option is through MELFA Works 3D robot and working cell programming and simulation software which helps the user to check for errors or collisions before it is run in the real application.

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19 July 2012

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.visit website
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