Aristo Fluid pre-weld anti spatter withstands high temperatures

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Aristo Fluid pre-weld anti spatter withstands high temperaturesESAB’s new Aristo Fluid pre-weld anti spatter is based on an advanced formula that will help to prevent spatter and molten metal from sticking to a work piece during welding. This will in turn reduce the need for subsequent chipping, sanding and grinding of the work piece, thereby reducing cost, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Aristo Fluid has a high-strength formula which ESAB claims is up to three times stronger than alternative products currently available. It has the ability to withstand high temperatures and is therefore active for a longer period of the welding process. Indeed, it is the formula of the product and this high temperature resistance that determine its high performance. As it does not contain silicon its residues are water soluble and easy to clean. There are no after-treatment issues to deal with.

Aristo Fluid is available in different sized canisters, a 200L barrel and a 600ml can that is equipped with a Bag On Valve system (BOV). This provides a 360 degree spray in any angle produced as a fine mist with no formation of water droplets on the work piece. The propellant is safe, using pure air with no flammable gases, and there is complete utilisation of the liquid. Corrosion inhibitors contained within Aristo Fluid contribute to corrosion resistance.

The combination of high concentration, high heat resistance together with the efficiency of the BOV system means that Aristo Fluid can offer tangible cost savings. Add these benefits to a competitive price and Aristo Fluid is set to appeal to many different markets including plant fabrication & maintenance work, the automotive industry, civil construction, agriculture and general fabrication.

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