Decentralised I/O modules meet PLe for safety switches in series

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Decentralised I/O modules meet PLe for safety switches in seriesPilz Automation Technology is launching the Decentralised Periphery PDP20 F 4 mag that meets PLe for series-connected safety switches. The new interface module PDP20 F 4 mag is suitable for series connection of safety devices such as tongue interlocks or magnetic safety switches, up to PLe (Performance Level 'e' of EN ISO 13849-1). This Performance Level is achieved through the use of test pulses generated by the PDP20 module being fed into the switch circuits and monitored.

The new interface module can be connected to dual-channel evaluation devices including Pilz PNOZsigma safety relays, PNOZmulti configurable safety relays and PSS safety PLCs. Up to four switches can be connected to each PDP20 module.

PDP20 interface modules can be easily installed in small enclosures close to the sensors that are to be connected. This ensures short signal paths for the sensor technology and a safe connection to the control cabinet. Pilz says that the PDP20 modules are suitable for any safety guard applications, including packaging machines and food processing machines.

Benefits of the new interface module are said to be:

  • The only standard-compliant solution on the market for series connection of volt-free, contact-based safety switches: EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e.
  • Series connection of contact-based safety sensors such as PSENmag magnetic switches, PSENrope rope pull switches and PSENhinge hinge switches, and the ability to connect control and signal devices such as push buttons, sounders and beacons.
  • Flexibility for creating the required automation architecture because the PDP20 module can be connected to all dual-channel evaluation devices.
  • Status diagnostic information can be accessed for each individual sensor.
  • Simple installation on DIN rail.
  • Costing less than a standard safety relay, the PDP20 is compact and economical for series connections that are routed back to a safety relay (or other safety controller).
  • A high level of decentralisation due to the ability to cascade modules. Each module features four dual-channel inputs and two solid-state safe outputs (OSSDs), one diagnostic solid-state output and two test pulsed outputs. To cascade multiple PDP20 modules, the OSSDs of one are fed into one of the dual-channel inputs of the other.

PDP20 modules are just 22.5mm wide and are protected to IP20. If enhanced ingress protection is required, Pilz also offers the IP67 PDP67 F 4 Code (390kB PDF) and PDP 67 F 8DI ION (520kB PDF).

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