Spring-applied high-torque brakes with IP66 protection

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Spring-applied high-torque brakes with IP66 protectionThe new INTORQ BFK471 brake delivers high torque up to 1500Nm in a package that is compact, economic and protected to IP66. This is a spring-applied design that is normally engaged, and is released by applying a DC voltage. It is available with either one or two rotating discs with corresponding rated torques of 750/1500Nm. Both have an outside diameter of only 333mm and a maximum bore size of 65mm.

A high degree of protection from harsh environments is provided by a zinc-plated casing and nitrided friction surfaces. This gives a UL recognised enclosure rating of IP66 suitable for jetted water. The brakes can therefore be used for dockside machinery, cranes, ships’ winches and general outdoor applications including bulk handling conveyors.

One particular innovation with the BFK471 brake is the hand release mechanism. Often on such large brakes the mechanism for manually releasing the torque is mechanically clumsy and requires high physical force to operate. With the BFK471 manual release, the operation is smooth and efficient with low applied force. There is an option for mechanically locking the lever in a ‘brake-off’ position.

The internal air gap for the BFK471, which is a measure of wear, can be easily measured in-situ using a check bore hole. As an option a non-contacting sensor can be fitted to monitor the wear and the brake operation. Where ambient temperatures are particularly low, typically below -20degC, a heating element can be added, suiting ‘Cold Climate’ CCV conditions.

The INTORQ BFK471 brake is well suited for braking in outdoor or arduous environments. Features such as the easy-to-use hand release and brake wear sensors combined with attractive pricing make the brake suitable for applications such as cranes, hoists and conveyors. More details are available on the Techdrives website

22 August 2012

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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