Twin-beam sensor detects clear, glossy, flat and contoured parts

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Twin-beam sensor detects clear, glossy, flat and contoured partsSick UK is launching the MultiLine twin-beam photoelectric sensor for the reliable detection of difficult shapes, flat or transparent objects. The MultiLine ensures a stable and continuous detection signal right from the leading edge to the trailing edge of a product, even when its surface is glossy, flat or contoured.

According to Sick, the new MultiLine sensor uses innovative technology with twin light beams for consistent detection of objects that conventional single-beam sensors often fail to detect. The sensor's design offers advantages in terms of a reduced risk of machine downtime due to false signals and, therefore, improved productivity.

Glossy or dark surfaces, low profiles without obvious starts or finishes, textures, and uneven and contoured outlines can all be detected reliably.

Integrated logic

Phil Dyas, an industrial sensor product specialist for Sick (UK), comments: "With MultiLine we have combined two photoelectric sensors with an integrated logic evaluation program within one housing.

"By using two parallel light lines arranged vertically, to continuously detect objects, the Sick MultiLine avoids the fluctuations and loss of signal caused by reflective or transparent objects when only one spot is available."

The MultiLine detection phase starts when both lines detect the object and detection stops when both no longer sense the object, from leading edge to leaving edge. No complex software is required to reduce and suppress false signals.

With MultiLine, a greater object throughput is possible, as objects may be placed on the belt with smaller gaps between them, thereby improving productivity. Additionally, changeovers between lines are faster, as it is not usually necessary to reposition the sensor to detect products with different profiles.

MultiLine is said to be simple to set up, with a button-controlled single teach-in, a scanning range of 5–120mm and a standard three-pin M8 connector.

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