Emerson releases DELTAV Version 12 process automation system

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Emerson Process Management is releasing a new version of its DeltaV digital process automation system. New features in DeltaV Version 12 (v12) build on the system’s ability to help users simplify complex operations for increased productivity and value.

Emerson’s chief strategic officer, Peter Zornio, says: “The DeltaV system’s v12 release comes with big technological innovations that will provide customers with new levels of flexibility, predictability and security, along with reduced operating costs.”

Key features in the new release include the recently announced expansion of Emerson’s innovative electronic marshalling, combining the performance and reliability of the DeltaV Safety Instrumented System (SIS) with the installation flexibility and space savings of its Electronic Marshalling technology. This new SIS offering simplifies the design, installation, wiring and commissioning of SIS projects, while at the same time increasing capacity and reducing footprint. Based on human-centred design (HCD) principles, the new logic-solver architecture uses Electronic Marshalling and characterisation module (CHARM) technology to eliminate the need for conventional marshalling, which simplifies both installation and commissioning processes.

The v12 release also includes integrated virtualisation technology which enables users to easily consolidate computer resources and reduce implementation and maintenance costs. DeltaV Virtual Studio makes it easy to create virtual DeltaV systems from pre-built templates and pre-configured virtual networks. The v12 release can also allay users’ growing systems security concerns. The new Emerson Smart Firewall product in v12 allows users to easily set up a safe and secure network for the automation system, locking down the control system network against unauthorised downloads and hacking without costly consulting from security experts.

For process industry users who produce in batches, the v12 release includes an easy-to-use analytics application that provides real-time quality predictions while the batch is in process. Using sophisticated models, it can trace the causes of manufacturing variations that can render a product below specification or unmarketable. The application can help users correct manufacturing problems before the batch becomes irreparably compromised.

All new features and capabilities in v12 are part of an ongoing expansion of the company’s focus on HCD, which integrates operator information and technology in ways that make it easier to recognise, respond to and implement control systems for better productivity, reduced error and operating cost.

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11 October 2012

Emerson Automation Solutionsvisit website
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