Industrial Ethernet switch with scalable managed switching

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Industrial Ethernet switch with scalable managed switchingBuilt with Rockwell Automation and Cisco technology, the highly scalable, compact-sized Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 layer 2 managed industrial Ethernet switch meets a broad range of switching capabilities – from entry-level, machine-builder applications through converged or IT-ready integrated user systems. Using Cisco IOS, the Stratix 5700 switch delivers secure integration of business-critical services and support from the plant floor to the enterprise.

The Stratix 5700 managed switch also simplifies the design and development of machine-level networks through configuration and monitoring tools. These tools help enable easy setup and diagnostics from within the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system, bridging the gap between IT and the automation engineer.

Mark Devonshire, product manager for Stratix switches, Rockwell Automation, says: “In the past, users and machine builders alike have been challenged getting information to the right person at the right time. But the advanced feature set of the Stratix 5700 switch, including simplified configuration and integration of the IT and manufacturing networks, helps ease these challenges so that our customers can make better, more informed business decisions. Through our relationship with Cisco, our goal is to develop tools and products that simplify network design and communications, to help increase productivity and profitability.”

The introduction of the Stratix 5700 switch adds to the broad family of Allen-Bradley switches, which includes the Stratix 2000 unmanaged switch, the Stratix 6000 fixed managed switch, the Stratix 8000 modular managed switch, and the Stratix 8300 layer 3 modular managed switch. Like the Stratix 8000 family of switches, the Stratix 5700 switch also utilises Cisco IOS technology. The portfolio contains many popular features that are in use today by IT and controls organisations that deploy standard, unmodified Ethernet, with settings optimised for use in EtherNet/IP applications.

Intelligent network

Yuta Endo, product manager, Connected Industries business unit, Cisco, comments: “The ‘Internet of Things’ is transforming the manufacturing industry, where the physical manufacturing line is accessed and monitored though an intelligent network to help manufacturers better manage production quality and costs. Using the latest industrial switching technology from Cisco, the Stratix 5700 switch from Rockwell Automation offers high availability, Quality of Service (QoS), remote-access security, and automated monitoring to provide the best factory network capability.” Rockwell Automation and Cisco are committed to being the most valuable resource in the industry for helping manufacturers improve business performance by bridging the technical and cultural gaps between the plant floor and higher-level information systems using EtherNet/IP – the world’s leading open industrial Ethernet network.

The Stratix 5700 line of switches is currently available with six, 10 and 20 fixed-port configurations. The hardware embeds features such as: IEEE-1588 time synchronisation, QoS (prioritisation) and Resilient Ethernet Protocol. Additional software features also help improve network performance and troubleshooting, and allow for increased network availability. Each base model of the Stratix 5700 switch comes with dual power inputs, input and output alarms, console port, fibre-ready SFP slots, DIN rail mount and operating temperature range of -40degC to +60degC. Model options include: two gig ports, SD flash card, conformal coating, and two different software configurations for a total of 20 different models to best match machine and end-user applications.

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