Siemens launches extension to single-phase power supplies

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Siemens Industry is extending its range of single-phase power supplies suitable for all industrial environments. The SITOP smart product family has seen the introduction of three single-phase 24V power supplies with rated output voltages of 2.5A, 5A and 10A, as well as two 12V power supplies with 7A and 14A.

The output voltage of the new PSU100S power supplies is adjustable over a wide range from 24 to 28V with the 24V power supplies and from 12 to 15.5V with the 12V models. All devices can supply 1.5 times the rated current for 5s/min, to ensure problem-free starting for loads that draw a high current. The 24V versions also supply 120 per cent rated current at ambient temperatures up to 45degC.

Power supplies of the SITOP smart product line are designed for standard requirements in automated machines and plants, while the new single-phase SITOP PSU100S power supplies also feature a signaling contact for evaluating the operating status “Output voltage OK”.

With widths of only 32.5mm (24V/2.5A), 50mm (24V/5A and 12V/7A) and 70mm (24V/10A and 12V/14A) and no sideways clearance requirements, the power supplies require less space on the mounting rail, providing increased flexibility and ensuring they are suited to a range of environments. These slim power supplies feature automatic range switching for connection to 120V and 230V supply systems worldwide.

A radio suppression level of Class B and line harmonic limiting also permit use on the public low-voltage grid. Certification for GL (Germanische Lloyd) for shipbuilding and ATEX (Atmosphère Explosive) for hazardous environments ensure that the power supplies can be used universally.

Joanne Banks, Siemens Industry, comments: “The expansion of the single-phase power supplies for all environments offers users increased operational efficiency. Importantly, the range has been designed to save space in the plant which allows operators to have greater flexibility over design of control systems.”

The new Siemens power supplies can be used at ambient temperatures from -10degC and +70degC and offer a high degree of efficiency of up to 90 per cent, which ensures only minimal heat generation in the control cabinet. For protection against faults in the network or in the output circuit, SITOP add-on modules offer enhanced protection for the 24V power supplies, for example, through conversion to an uninterruptible DC power supply or for selectivity in 24V feeders.

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31 October 2012

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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