HFE1600 range of front-end power supplies now has 32V model

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TDK Corporation is extending its TDK-Lambda HFE1600 range of 1.6kW high-density, front-end power supplies with the addition of a 32V model. Particularly well suited for use in broadcast applications, the HFE1600-32 operates from a universal 85–265V AC input, and the high efficiency of up to 92% minimises heat dissipation and power consumption thus meeting Climate Savers Computing efficiency standards. The HFE1600-32 is equally suitable for use in applications including communications, laser and process control.

As with other models in the HFE1600 range, the HFE1600-32 AC-DC power supply can be used individually, or up to five units can be mounted into a dedicated 1U rack delivering 8kW. To form a hot-swap N+1 redundant power system, up to 10 units can be configured in parallel with single wire current sharing. TDK-Lambda has also integrated a keying system to prevent misinsertion of modules into adjacent racks of differing voltage. Output voltage is programmable by resistance, external voltage or optional PM Bus compatible I2C communication interface.

The HFE1600 hot-swap front-end power supplies comply with EN55022 and FCC Class A radiated and Class B conducted emissions and meet IEC61000-4 immunity. All models are safety approved to EN/IEC/UL 60950-1 edition 2 with CE mark and are backed by a three-year warranty.

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