Coded safety switches operate with up to three actuators

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Coded safety switches operate with up to three actuatorsPilz is extending its range of PSENcode coded safety switches with new PSEN csx.19n models for safe monitoring of up to three positions in accordance with up to PL e of EN ISO 13489-1 and SIL CL 3 of EN 62061 (IEC 62061).

Using the new PSENcode switches is therefore very cost-effective for applications requiring up to three positions to be monitored, as one switch can operate with three different coded actuators. Furthermore, only one set of safe inputs is required on the evaluation device for each switch, which is a another potential cost saving.

Both compact and larger form factors are available, and both types feature quick and easy diagnostics via LEDs. Pilz says that the M12, five-pin connector means the new PSENcode switches are open for use in any system environment.

PSENcode switches are non-contact devices that have a long service life, thereby reducing the likelihood of unplanned machine downtime and the need for additional expenditure on replacement switches. In addition, PSENcode switches and actuators can be installed in a choice of orientations to suit different machine layouts.

Pilz says that PSENcode safety switches can easily be combined with the company's PNOZmulti Mini configurable safety relays, PNOZmulti configurable control systems or PSS programmable control systems.

Follow the link for more information and a product video about the new PSENcode safety switches, or there is a higher-resolution video on YouTube.

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