Intelligent UPS also communicates with higher-level controllers

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IQ technology turns Phoenix Contact’s Quint UPS-IQ power supply into an intelligent UPS that provides continuous information about the charging state, remaining runtime, and lifespan of its energy storage devices, therefore maximising system availability. A new data cable now allows the UPS module to be integrated directly into the automation applications.

Information provided by the uninterruptible power supply can, for example, be forwarded to higher-level controllers via Ethernet, or integrated directly into Phoenix Contact’s proprietary control systems. The available control logic values allow the system to execute a program routine in the event of certain situations, such as power outages. Warning and alarm outputs are configurable and can be tailored to the individual system requirements.

The data cable has an RS-232 interface for Modbus communication that allows integration of the UPS into an Ethernet network via a COM server. In addition, higher-level controllers such as the Inline Controller (ILC) or Remote Field Controller (RFC) from Phoenix Contact can be addressed directly. An Inline Controller can be used as a gateway to facilitate the use of other network protocols.

The functional module can be downloaded from the new data cable’s download area at no charge. Status variables can thus be used in the programming logic of the PC Worx programming software. For further details about the Quint UPS-IQ power supply go to

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