More reliable communications for wind energy applications

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More reliable communications for wind energy applicationsThe SHDSL modems from Phoenix Contact can be used to set up doubly redundant communication via the slip ring in wind energy applications. Two separate channels transfer data at up to 30Mbps. Communication remains fully operational even if up to two of the four slip ring channels fail. Users are continuously informed about the state of the slip ring, effectively increasing its service life. It can be replaced as a precautionary measure as soon as individual contacts fail.

Use of a hybrid slip ring, with added fibre-optic transmission, results in an increased transmission speed. WDM transmitters from Phoenix Contact accelerate data transmission to up to 100Mbps via a single fibre-optic cable. Therefore, a slip ring with a single fibre-optic channel suffices to provide fast Ethernet transmission.

When both methods are combined, the resulting system gains redundancy owing to the different transmission paths. This redundant design ensures high system availability and can be achieved at low cost.

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