Metris flow rate meters with IO-Link

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Metris flow rate meters with IO-LinkNew from ifm electronic are versions of the established metris compressed air meter featuring IO-Link connection. Compressed air is worth measuring; manufacturing industry in the UK typically loses in excess of 30 per cent of its compressed air to leaks, and 1kW of compressed air work costs the equivalent of 10kW of electricity.

Six new versions of the metris compressed air meter have been released, all now fitted with the increasingly popular IO-Link connectivity. The metris, the first versions of which were released a few years ago, remains one of the best ways of monitoring compressed air. With ever-increasing energy costs, users across industry have been turning to the metris, not only to measure how much compressed air the plant is using in operation, but also to identify just how much is wasted by leakage when the machinery is turned off. Now it is even easier to use metris, with the inclusion of IO-Link.

IO-Link, as a supplementary system on the lowest field level, is rapidly increasing in the number of devices available on the market as this standard is now supported by so many major manufacturers. IO-Link not only simplifies the design and construction of machines by virtue of its standardisation, it also significantly extends the functionality of machines. Short set-up times, higher productivity, and new modern maintenance concepts send a clear message for IO-Link. To assure its international use, IO-Link has been incorporated into the globally recognised PLC standard IEC 61131. Mandatory test specifications, test tools for masters and devices, and the resulting manufacturer’s declaration ensure the interoperability and quality of IO-Link.

The IO-Link metris offers users the ability to measure compressed air flow rates in pipe sizes DN8, DN15, DN25, DN40 and DN50 over ranges from as low as 0.06Nm³/h in smaller pipes up to 700Nm³/h in the largest size, and all will additionally monitor temperatures between -12 and 72degC.

In addition, the two available outputs can be configured to suit. Output 1 options are: flow monitoring (binary), quantity meter (pulse), pre-set counter (binary); while Output 2 includes flow or temperature monitoring (analogue or binary) and an option to act as input for a counter reset signal. All metris wetted parts are stainless steel, and the units operate on 18–30V DC, with PNP outputs.

A useful accessory to the IO-Link metris (or any IO-Link-enabled device for that matter), is the Memory Plug available from ifm electronic. If a brand new Memory Plug (order No. E30398) is connected to a metris, it will automatically store any settings in the metris. Once the parameters are stored in the Memory Plug, any new metris connected to it will automatically upload those settings – that is the advantage of IO-Link.

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