Pre-set torque limiters save time in machine building

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Pre-set torque limiters save time in machine buildingTorque limiters often play a vital role in protecting machines and operating personnel from overloads. As mechanically adjustable devices, the initial setting can be time consuming with often a trial-and-error method being used. Torque limiters from ComInTec can be supplied with a pre-set release torque saving time on the setting up of the machines. Working with a prototype, once the required trip limit is established subsequent torque limiters with pre-set torque can be installed without adjustment.

ComInTec offer this pre-set service on all models of their torque limiters that are mechanically adjustable. This includes friction, ball and roller models although not pneumatic where the release torque is proportional to applied pressure. The release torque is set on a test bench with a typical accuracy of -0 per cent to +5 per cent of the required figure. The setting is then indelibly marked on the product label. Cost for this service depends on the size of torque limiter and the order quantity, but is typically 3 per cent or less.

Where torque limiters are used in the series production of machines, large savings in time can be achieved during build and commissioning for minimal extra costs. ComInTec torque limiters are available in the UK through the Techdrives division of Lenze Ltd,

18 March 2013

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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