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Smaller, energy-efficient power supplies from ifm electronicEnergy efficiency is paramount these days as never before; yet control systems need power. The new DN4 range of power supplies from ifm electronic offers the power that systems need with high efficiency.

Using innovative technology brings a further advantage; ifm’s new power supplies are smaller, so space can be reduced by up to 70 per cent, in comparison with older power supplies.

Reduced power loss from the higher efficiency also leads to less heating in the panel. Space for convection is reduced, cooling systems are not needed, and this all extends the lifetime of the installation. The new DN4 series PSU’s from ifm electronic use microprocessor control to regulate charging of the capacitors, rather than inrush current limitation with a simple NTC. This ensures enhance availability of the voltage supply; i.e. more, sooner.

ifm’s new switched-mode power supplies feature at least 10W power reserve. This allows for a later extension of an installation without the need to replace the power supply. The voltage supply is maintained for a considerable time (which does vary with the amperage of the chosen model and primary input voltage) up to 80 milliseconds, bridging brief drops caused by other devices on the same network.

The operating temperature range of the new DN4 series power supplies is also wider than most, with derating only having to be considered above 60degC. The DN4 series consists of 2.5A/80W, 5A/120W, 10A/240W and 20A/480W single-phase PSUs, as well as 5A/120W, 10A/240W and 20A/480W three-phase power supplies.

To complement the DN4 series of standard 24V power supplies, ifm electronic has also launched five dedicated AS-Interface versions, providing the 29.5 to 31.6V DC required by AS-i, with data decoupling included. These are available in 2.8A/85W, 4A/122W and 8A/244W single phase, with a three-phase version of the 8A and a further unit with 4A/122W on a primary 24V DC supply.

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