Warrior heavy-duty welding power source and wire feeder

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Warrior heavy-duty welding power source and wire feederESAB is launching the Warrior multi-process welding power source and wire feeder. This heavy-duty machine is designed for applications within the shipbuilding, railway, mobile machinery, power generation, construction, pipe welding, general fabrication, repair and maintenance sectors.

Warrior has been developed using feedback from expert welders with a concern for reliable operation, minimal downtime and maximum welding productivity. It has been designed as a rugged, highly reliable welding power source suitable for use within tough welding environments encountered in these many different industries. Warrior can perform MIG/MAG, Flux-Cored wire, Manual Metal Arc (MMA) and TIG welding tasks as well as Arc Gouging.

Featuring highly reliable inverter technology for energy savings and greater functionality, Warrior delivers up to 500 amps @ 60 per cent duty cycle. It welds 0.8mm–2.0mm flux-cored and solid wires, carbon arc gouges with electrodes up to 10mm diameter and has a full range of MMA capabilities with excellent 7018 and 6010 performance.

Warrior's features include an air tunnel design to keep its critical electronics free from dirt, oil and foreign objects, helping to ensure long-term reliability. Its durable external body and its IP23 rating will endure harsh outdoor environments, including up to 60 degree driving rain. Ergonomically designed handles are built to withstand mechanical hoisting, and double bend 2.0mm steel side panels protect Warrior against collisions, drops and unexpected impact.

In addition, the inverter-based power source benefits from ESAB's TrueArcVoltage technology to ensure that the arc voltage is maintained accurately under all operating conditions for a higher-quality and more consistent weld.

The new Warrior Feed 304 wire feeder features a high-torque four-roll drive, offering superior feed even with long MIG/MAG welding guns. This feeder's comprehensive controls include remote voltage, gas purge, inch wire, wire feed speed, trigger lock and slow run-in. Alternatively, users can choose the MobileFeed 300AVS that utilises the power source's TrueArcVoltage technology.

User interface is clear and simple

Designed for ease of use, Warrior’s power source controls are all located on its front panel. Knobs are protected and are designed for use when wearing welding gloves. A simple and clear user interface makes it easy for anyone to start welding within a few seconds. The connection cable set that has power, gas and control in an all-in-one bundle, also helps to reduce set-up times.

Warrior's sun-friendly display makes it easy to see the settings when welding outside. For remote welding and gouging applications, Warrior is generator compatible. It can work with both 300 and 200mm welding wire spools for lighter weight and better portability. Its easy to open side panel provides quick access for service and maintenance.

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