Safety light curtain accessories expand application scope

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Safety light curtain accessories expand application scopePilz is launching a range of safety light curtain accessories to expand the application scope for its extensive family of PSENopt light guards. The new accessories include post protectors, front protection, protective housings and mirrors. Moreover, Pilz says its prices for light curtains and accessories are extremely competitive.

Type 2 and Type 4 PSENopt light beam devices provide finger, hand or body protection in accordance with EN 61496-1 and EN 61496-2 (equivalent to IEC 61496-1 and IEC 61496-2, respectively). Thanks to the new accessories, the light curtains benefit from greater versatility; in particular, these products can now be used in food and beverage production areas.

The new tube-style protective housings provide protection to IP69K and are therefore suitable for use in wet or hygienic environments, or those where high-temperature, high-pressure washdowns may be required with liquid cleaning agents or steam. For applications requiring protection in more than one plane, the mirrors enable the light curtain beams to be deflected, enabling large perimeters to be secured with only one light curtain. Post protectors provide physical safeguarding for the light curtains in applications where they may be vulnerable to damage from shock, collision or vibration.

According to Pilz, customers purchasing its safety light curtains enjoy the following benefits:

  • One-stop shop: extensive portfolio of safety light curtains, test rods, alignment guide and muting lamps - as well as a choice of evaluation and control technologies
  • Higher machine/process productivity due to reduced access times
  • Integrated add-on functions: muting, blanking (fixed/floating), cascading, feedback loop monitoring
  • Time savings for machine builders and system integrators due to rapid assembly, installation and commissioning
  • Simple maintenance thanks to built-in diagnostics via LED indicators
  • Protection for your investment: open for interfacing with components from other manufacturers
  • Ergonomic workstation design compared with physical safeguards

In addition, Pilz offers its customers a high level of support if required, including:

  • Design and specification: Pilz can help customers to specify the correct model of light curtain and help to ensure it is installed at a suitably safe distance from the hazard (in accordance with EN ISO 13855 and IEC/TS 62046)
  • Function blocks: customers using Pilz PNOZmulti software-configurable safety controllers can integrate PSENopt light curtains within their safety control systems very easily and quickly thanks to pre-certified function blocks, including for cross-beam, parallel and sequential muting
  • Stop performance monitoring: this service helps machine builders, system integrators and users to ascertain that safety light curtains are safe (new installations should be verified, and HSE guidance HSG 120 states that safety light curtains should be tested periodically)

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