Gigabit Ethernet switches with dedicated priority ports

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Gigabit Ethernet switches with dedicated priority ports  Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group is launching a five and an eight port Gigabit Ethernet switch – the EKI-3725 and 3728. These new products are the first to market with dedicated priority ports, up to 60 per cent reduction in power consumption, smart diagnostics and gigabit data transmission, making them suitable for industrial automation functions including toll stations and CCTV systems.

Priority ports are an exciting development and, as the name suggests, they prioritise the traffic coming over those ports and delay the less immediately necessary data over the remaining ports. This is especially useful for high bandwidth applications such as video streaming, where latency would cause problems.

Superior smart diagnostic functions are the best way to discover a fault on the system without painstaking port analysis. One highly visible LED will inform an engineer that a connection loop has occurred, thereby allowing a quick fix of the issue and minimisation of downtime.

As energy bills increase, every little helps and the new EKI switches come with advanced power-saving functions that save up to 50 per cent on power consumption and produce less heat than existing EKI switches.

Gigabit Ethernet provides users with the fastest possible data transmission speeds for high-definition video streaming and the ability to sustain constantly high traffic loads. For applications that do not require the benefits of Gigabit Ethernet but still want the priority ports, energy saving and quick diagnostics, Advantech has also launched the EKI-3525 and 3528 models which have 100Mbps Ethernet.

These models are available immediately; please contact your Advantech supplier or visit for more information about Gigabit Ethernet switches with dedicated priority ports.

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