New fans from Aerco provide DC performance with AC convenience

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Aerco has been appointed as the exclusive European distributor for Sofasco, the American fan manufacturer based in Virginia. In addition to a range of AC and DC axial fans and blowers and cross-flow fans, of particular interest to Aerco is a new breed of frequency switching fans that has AC power input but incorporates circuitry that delivers DC power to the fan motor.

The use of a frequency switching motor brings many advantages over a conventional AC fan. It has high temperature endurance, long life, high reliability, low power consumption, wide input voltage range, and smart multi-function controls. In addition, thanks to a patented Sofasco design that reduces the hub area and increases the size of the impeller, it provides double the airflow of a conventional AC fan of the same size. For example, an 80 × 80 × 38mm frequency switching fan provides 20litres/second (42 CFM) compared to the 11.3litres/second (24 CFM) available from a traditional AC fan.

Although marginally more expensive than traditional AC fans, Aerco expects them to be extremely attractive to the European market because of the significant energy efficiencies provided and the fact that the availability of speed control means they can be easily designed into intelligent thermal management systems.

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