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3M is launching Rapid Cut Unitised Wheels for weld blending and de-burring applications, bringing together two advanced technologies in the latest addition to its abrasives portfolio. These new wheels are claimed to achieve a cut up to three times higher than competitive unitised wheel brands and can perform tasks that would otherwise need several speciality abrasives.

Over the years, the Scotch-Brite brand has become synonymous with non-woven surface conditioning products and this latest development blends 3M non-woven abrasives expertise with its own proprietary precision-shaped grain to deliver an exceptionally long life and a faster, cooler cut that eliminates burnishing and heat stress.

Scotch-Brite technology binds together synthetic fibres and abrasive particles to create a conformable three-dimensional material. Its open structure reduces the risk of warping or discolouration of the part and resists loading to help improve finish and prolong product life. While traditional Scotch-Brite products use conventional abrasive particles, in the new Rapid Cut wheels, these have been replaced by 3M precision-shaped grain. This comprises uniform micro-replicated structures that fracture as they wear to form fresh sharp points and edges, enabling the wheel to stay consistently sharp for longer. 3M says that tests have shown that it cuts three times faster than the next-best competitive wheel.

Explaining the development, Katie Gibbs, marketing executive of the 3M Abrasive Systems Division, says: "Scotch-Brite brand has almost become a generic term for non-woven abrasives but authentic Scotch-Brite products from 3M far out-perform other surface conditioning abrasives, as is demonstrated by the new Rapid Cut Unitised Wheels.

"Our product development work is focused on enhanced performance, ease of use and improving productivity in the workshop. By introducing a wheel that does the work of several speciality abrasives, we can enable users to consolidate their process to one easy-to-use wheel while achieving a better, more consistent finish."

Giving a smooth feel and outstanding control, the Scotch-Brite Rapid Cut Unitised Wheels from 3M are excellent for weld-blending; furthermore, for de-burring, the conformability of the fibre web makes it easier for operators to apply the correct pressure to avoid undercutting or damaging the part. The wheels are available in a range of sizes, densities and grades to suit different weld blending and de-burring applications.

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01 May 2013

3M United Kingdom plc (Abrasives Systems Division)visit website
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