Plasma cutter is portable and suitable for use with CNC machines

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Plasma cutter is portable and suitable for use with CNC machinesESAB is launching the PowerCut 700 portable plasma cutting package that is suitable for use on all electrically conductive materials in production, assembly, repair and maintenance applications. Well balanced and with a convenient, comfortable carrying handle, the three-phase PowerCut 700 can be carried easily from one work site to the next, or to exactly where it is needed in the workshop. However, the machine can also be fitted with a CNC interface so that it can be connected directly to a cutting table. Compared with its predecessor, the PowerCut 700 is more powerful and cuts faster.

Its compact dimensions (559x211x381mm) and lightweight (21.3kg including the torch) mean that the PowerCut 700 is portable. The PowerCut 700 can also be powered from engine-driven welders when working remotely without access to a mains power supply. The maximum material thickness that can be cut is 15mm for a high-quality cut or 20mm when the finish and speed is less important.

The Dynamic Arc Control controls the pilot arc when cutting grate or mesh for continuous operation without any arc outages. To enhancing the cut quality and improving the ease of use, particularly when operatives are inexperienced, the PowerCut 700 has been designed for drag cutting along straight edges or around templates. Another user-friendly feature is the Voltage Booster that helps to achieve drop cuts on thicker plates. A torch-mounted sxwitch enables the user to select 2/4 stroke cutting.

Each PowerCut 700 is supplied complete with a PT-39 plasma torch and a kit of wear parts. The PT-39 torch has been specially designed to be compact, lightweight and ergonomic, with a comfortable grip and compact head that provides better arc visibility. For connecting the PowerCut 700 to a table for CNC cutting applications, ESAB offers an interface kit that includes a PCB, cable harness and connector.

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