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WEG is launching a new family of modular contactors, the CWB, which offers machine builders a high level of reliability and security. WEG is also enhancing its offering with user-friendly cage clamp technology. Both the motor protective circuit breakers MPW16 and the compact contactors CWC0 are now available with screw-less terminal technology, enabling panel builders to save time and money.

WEG’s range of CWB contactors is described as reliable, flexible and compact. For safety-related control functions, its contacts are designed and tested as positively driven contacts according to IEC/EN 60947-5-1, Annex L and as mirror contacts according to IEC/EN 60947-4-1, Annex F. Where a mirror contact is an auxiliary contact (NC, normally closed), it cannot be closed simultaneously with a main contact (NO, normally open) and as a result, special safety relays are no longer required. The contactors are suitable for global use meeting IEC/EN 60947 standards, and are UL certified for the North American market.

The CWB contactors can easily be set up in combination with the MPW motor protective circuit breakers to operate as direct, reversing or star-delta starters. This fuse-less approach is suited to meet the demands for switching and protecting electric motors in the global marketplace, and users can flexibly and cost effectively tailor individual components or pre-assembled configurations to their application. The low power consumption of the contactor coils (6W, DC power supply) allows for direct and safe control via digital outputs of PLC, frequency inverter or soft starter.

CWB contactors are compact with a width of 45mm. As such, panel builders can optimise space in the cabinet and simplify their planning process, and installing the switchgear is easy. This frame size applies to AC and DC power supplies (up to 18.5kW/400V). The mechanical interlock for reversing and star-delta starters is designed so that the user does not require additional space or any tools to operate it. Surge suppressors can easily be integrated without increasing the depth of the devices. Two built-in auxiliary contacts (1×NO and 1×NC) are sufficient for a variety of applications. However, additional auxiliary contact blocks can be mounted at the front or side as required. The comprehensive modular switchgear portfolio comprises a matching range of accessories including easy connection kits and link adapters that help users save time and money.

WEG is also introducing its family of MPW16 motor protective circuit breakers including accessories which are now available with cage clamp technology, which has become very popular as tool-less plug-in wiring system. Since the accessories are upward compatible, the larger frame sizes such as MPW25 and MPW65 can also be equipped with auxiliary contact blocks in screw-less terminal technology. Additionally, cage clamp technology is made available for the compact contactors CWC0 for sizes up to 12A (5.5kW/400V), which generally cover power ranges from 3 to 7.5kW. As a result, all of WEG’s 3- and 4-pole contactors as well as the entire range of CWCA contactor relays including accessories now feature cage clamp technology. In environments exposed to vibration, relays with these spring-loaded terminals present technical advantages.

Entire drive systems

Marek Lukaszczyk, European Marketing Manager at WEG, says: “Today, WEG is still primarily known for its energy efficient, high-quality electric motors. However, the company is among a few manufacturers worldwide capable of not only delivering components, but entire drive system solutions, from mechanical components like gearboxes and motors up to the control and automation components, as well as electric panels. Our extensive product portfolio includes a broad range of low voltage products, and customers can get everything they need to switch, control and protect their electric consumers such as motors.

“WEG is constantly innovating and expanding its offering in this area and our long history and vast experience as leading manufacturer in drives and controls are reflected in many product design features and high quality. As market leader for low voltage switchgear in Brazil, WEG is looking to steadily introduce its expertise to the European market. The low-voltage switchgear portfolio covers circuit breakers, contactors and relays, motor protective circuit breakers, starters, fuses, capacitors, pushbuttons as well as pilot lights.”

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03 June 2013

WEG Electric Motors (UK) Ltdvisit website
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