Habia Flexiform cable from AERCO includes low-loss format

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Now available in the UK from Aerco, Habia Flexiform conformable, microwave coaxial cable is an alternative to semi-rigid coaxial cables for high-performance applications.

Supplied in standard and low-loss format, Flexiform operates at frequencies up to 18Ghz as standard and, unlike traditional semi-rigid coaxial cable, can be stripped and formed either by hand, without any specialist tools, or with standard cut and strip machines. A number of variants including those with magnetic conductors and various screening materials are offered as alternatives to the standard 50ohm Flexiform range.

Flexiform 401L and 402L are low-loss versions that use a profiled dielectric to create a coaxial cable that has attenuation approximately 7 per cent lower than the standard range. This gives a phase-stable high-performance coaxial cable at almost the same size and at the same price and is suitable for use in cellular base station antennas.

Available in a range of alternative colours, Flexiform cables are manufactured with silver-plated copper conductors and tin-soaked, tin-plated copper braid with the option of fluoropolymer or halogen-free jackets.

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