Simple vision sensor performs smart camera functions

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Simple vision sensor performs smart camera functionsSick's new Inspector PIM60 vision sensor features dimension verification, position detection and intelligent measurement capability, which the company says enables the sensor to challenge the performance available from 2D smart cameras. The Inspector PIM60 supports a wide range of high-speed quality inspection, picking and assembly applications while still offering the ease of use and attractive price of a vision sensor.

Sick expects the Inspector PIM60's comprehensive capability for high-speed inspection to be of interest to machine builders and systems integrators, as well as customers in consumer goods manufacture and packaging operations.

David Hannaby, Sick (UK) Product Manager for Imaging and Measurement, comments: "With the Inspector PIM60, Sick has narrowed the gap in functionality between a smart camera and a vision sensor, but not the price. The existing Inspector tools do a great job for presence/absence or feature inspection. Now with the new measurement tools we can also support automatic rejection of out-of-specification products and provide feedback to improve the efficiency of a process."

Sick's Inspector PIM60 provides integral quality inspection with the capability to measure diameters, angles and variable distances. Its new, versatile measuring tools make it possible to verify dimensions and assess product acceptability, with pass or fail verification.

The sophisticated calibration capability of the Inspector PIM60 enables reliable inspection of moving or rotating parts, even when the sensor is tilted or using wide-angle lenses. The results calibration function also makes it possible to output measured values as millimetres so that they can be used directly for robot or gripper control.

A cost-effective integral web server enables operators to monitor production processes simply with an easy-to-use on-screen interface that can be customised to meet customers' graphic and layout requirements, thereby facilitating visualised data interpretation.

Claimed to be as easy to set up and configure out-of-the-box as any high-performance sensor, the Inspector PIM60 offers broad connectivity enabling simple or complex data to be output over multiple platforms and protocols. The results can be output via Ethernet/IP or TCP/IP.

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