INOX and hygienic sensing systems meet strictest standards

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INOX and hygienic sensing systems meet strictest standardsSensors, fixings and accessories can be the 'weakest link' in stringent hygienic food and beverage processing or pharmaceutical production. However, by extending its range with new products launched at TOTAL 2013, Sick says its Inox and hygienic sensors and mountings deliver seamless protection against contamination in demanding environments.

Sick's new W4S-3H photoelectric sensor is claimed to offer best-in-class detection performance combined with a compact and rugged IP69K housing that withstands harsh hygienic washdown, cleaning and disinfection regimes.

New hygienic variants of Sick's Industrial Instrument range of LFP guided radar level probes, LFV tuning forks for level detection, PHT/PBS pressure and THT temperature transmitters promise high-performance reliability and accuracy combined with the ability to withstand tough hygiene, cleaning and washdown cycles.

Phil Dyas, Sick's UK Sensors and Sensing Systems product manager, says: "Investing in high-quality, stainless steel equipment is pointless if the entire sensing and mounting systems do not meet the same impeccable hygiene standards. Microbacterial build-up on a fixing or mounting that is not compatible can compromise the hygiene of the entire environment.”

For complete confidence in avoiding contamination 'through the back door,' Sick offers compatible stainless steel mountings, reflectors, tubes and flanges, all made to the same stringent standards without compromising on performance or ease of use. Quick to install and replace, the 'turn and click' connector for the WS4-3H sensor, for example, still meets the highest European and FDA standards and is resistant to chlorine-based disinfectants, detergents and foam cleaners.

Dyas notes: "Sick's approach is to provide integrated, seamless systems according to the needs of the production environment. If necessary, Sick systems can withstand the harshest cleaning and disinfection regimes to deliver rugged performance even with daily exposure to aggressive detergents, or hydrogen peroxide based chemicals in some pharmaceutical environments, for example.”

The Sick INOX range of sensors, systems and instruments are made from tough materials, such as high-grade stainless steels, to provide durable, waterproof and chemical-resistant products to withstand clean-in-place and washdown procedures. In addition, Sick Hygienic products are specially designed with completely smooth external housings with no edges, corners or ridges that could attract bacterial build-up or chemical contamination. Each is designed to enable liquids to run-off slowly, allowing maximum contact with cleaning agents while leaving no liquid residue.

All Sick Inox and Hygienic sensing and mounting technologies are designed to the highest international standards, regulations and guidelines, including ECOLAB, European EHEDG and the US FDA.

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