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WEG is extending its range of reliable and robust motors for the steel industry. The company now offers a complete roller table motor line, ranging from 132 to 400 IEC frame sizes, which was previously limited to IEC 200. The high-quality motors with a torque of up to 2972Nm and four to 12 poles have low maintenance requirements and costs, thus enabling steel plants to increase productivity and operating efficiencies.

Motors driving rollers are subjected to sudden torque variations, sometimes from zero to overload, immense acceleration requirements and frequent rotation reversals. WEG has designed its motors with high starting and breakdown torques so that they operate exceptionally in these conditions. Depending on the application, WEG can also customise the product to fit the individual need.

The roller table motors function with complete reliability in the harsh steel-rolling environment where there is contact with corrosive agents, water, steam, dust and high temperatures. They include features such as WEG’s innovative W3Seal sealing system for added protection against water ingress (IP66), and WEG’s WISE Insulation System which ensures a longer lifespan. Thanks to the special design of the fins an accumulation of solid and liquid agents is avoided, thus providing balanced heat dissipation and easy cleaning procedures. The non-ventilated construction results in reduced maintenance efforts and a smaller size.

WEG’s motors offer complete design flexibility, being available in several different configurations. They can be coupled directly to the rollers, or through gearboxes with dedicated flange and shaft end dimensions. They can also be controlled with variable speed drives. The motors are available in a top or lateral terminal box mount, or with the terminal box attached to the non-drive and endshield.

Marek Lukaszczyk, European Marketing Manager at WEG, says: “Steel industries are known as one of the most aggressive industrial environments for electric motor operation, with extremely demanding application requirements such as high torque and heavy duty cycles. WEG roller table motors are designed especially to work reliably in these conditions. Our smaller size motors are already proven in the steel industry and now customers will be able to benefit from the high quality larger sizes, which have a low cost of ownership.”

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18 June 2013

WEG Electric Motors (UK) Ltdvisit website
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