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ESAB launches Elite gas welding and cutting productsESAB is launching a comprehensive new range of Elite gas welding and cutting products including single- and multi-stage regulators, welding and cutting blowpipes, flashback arrestors, nozzles, hoses and accessories. These products are manufactured in the USA so ESAB can retain very tight control over the quality, which is vital if these safety-critical products are to perform as required.

The Elite Regulators are designed to provide optimum performance and very high standards of operator safety even in demanding conditions. All the Elite R-720 single-stage and R-770 multi-stage regulators benefit from ESAB's patented RBO (regulator burnout) protection; in the event of a regulator burnout, this additional protective device contains the fire within the regulator and prevents the potentially fatal consequences of a regulator burnout. As well as the RBO protection, the R-720 and R-770 regulators are made from solid brass stock, so they are extremely robust while still providing the accuracy and performance needed from a precision instrument conforming to the international manufacturing standard BS EN ISO 2503.

Typical applications for Elite regulators include oxy-fuel gas welding and cutting, purging, pressurising and laboratory applications. This is alongside models specifically designed for MIG/MAG and TIG welding processes.

ESAB's range of Elite welding and cutting torches come in the form of the medium-duty Elite 6 and the lighter Elite DH combination torch. The rugged design of both the Elite 6 and Elite DH lend themselves well to tough environments in which they will be used, and the torches will deliver consistently high performance. Both the Elite 6 and the Elite DH combination torches are completely interchangeable with the Murex Saffire 5 and Saffire DH Lite torches.

ESAB is also introducing a family of NM oxy-fuel cutting torches that are offered in a variety of lengths and angled head options to cater for a broad range of gas cutting operations. All of ESAB's cutting and welding torches are suitable for service with both acetylene and propane fuel gases.

Flashback arrestors

With safety of operators and their environment being of paramount importance within gas applications, ESAB is also introducing an extensive range of Elite flashback arrestors. The FR1000 and FR2000, regulator-mounted resettable flashback arrestors give high flow rates coupled with excellent safety features of flame arrestors, pressure-sensitive and thermal cut-off valves. There is also the FRT regulator-mounted barrel-type flashback arrestors and, not commonly seen in the UK, the FT and FTH torch-mounted flashback arrestors, all offering high flow rates and available for service with all common gas types for welding, cutting and heating applications.

ESAB is additionally launching a comprehensive range of cutting, welding and process nozzles, as well as a portfolio of fitted and unfitted oxy-fuel welding hose. The Nozzle range includes, acetylene and propane nozzle mix (ANM/ANME and PNM/PNME) cutting nozzles, Swaged and Lightweight swaged welding nozzles, heating and process nozzles. All are manufactured from high-grade tellurium copper and, when used with the Elite NM cutter and Elite combination torch range, will give optimum control conditions and a precise flame shape.

ESAB's gas welding hose is available in fitted and unfitted lengths for gas service of acetylene, oxygen and propane. They are designed to have an increased resistance to being crushed or kinked and are manufactured to the international standard BS EN ISO 3821 and factory fitted to BS EN ISO 1256.

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