Ring lights for vision sensors from ifm electronic

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Ring lights for vision sensors from ifm electronicGood quality illumination is the key to successful vision sensor applications, so ifm electronic is launching a range of ring lights to complement their dualis vision sensors.

The O2D9 series ring lights from ifm electronic provide uniform light to the field of view in infrared, visible red and white light versions. Unlike many external lights for vision sensors, these ifm units can be triggered or permanently on, and can be operated at high intensity for a stronger light.

As the light is more homogenous, it helps avoid shadows on the subject and also prevents hotspots, which can occur on curved surfaces in particular. An extra diffuser is also available to mimic a cloudy day, along with other accessories to simplify installation.

ifm's O2D9 range features LED’s for status diagnosis at a glance, and with IP65 rating and standard M12 connection is robust and easy to use. ifm electronic has also developed these with cost in mind, to keep the cost in proportion to the sensor.

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