SKF launches bearing for extreme temperatures

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SKF launches bearing for extreme temperaturesSKF is announcing their new SKF extreme temperature bearings, featuring a graphite cage that lubricates the bearing up to 350degC without the need for relubrication. This offers an especially powerful option in the metal industry, where operators can cut maintenance costs, boost reliability and improve product quality by replacing conventional grease-lubricated bearings with the SKF extreme temperature bearings. The extreme temperature bearing is included in the SKF BeyondZero portfolio.

Charlotte Enlund, Product Manager SKF dry lubricated bearings, says: “SKF extreme temperature bearings address the need for bearings that can perform in hot, dry environments on slow rotating machinery. Grease-lubricated bearings often fail at temperatures exceeding 250degC because even special greases lose their ability to lubricate adequately above this temperature. In contrast, SKF extreme temperature bearings require no relubrication and can operate in temperatures up to 350degC, cutting the cost and maintenance demand of relubrication and offering a significant increase in bearing service life.”

Experience in the field shows that bearing service life in high temperature applications can be increased by using graphite-lubricated extreme temperature bearings. For example, in a cooling bed for sheet metal manufacture, bearing service life was increased by a factor of three. In such an application a single bearing of this kind can save up to 4.6kg of CO2e and 1.5kg of grease per year. A cooling bed, equipped with 5000 bearings can save 7.5tonnes of grease and 23tonnes of CO2e per year, which is equivalent to an 82 per cent reduction of the climate impact compared with using grease-lubricated deep groove ball bearings. These calculations are based on both bearing and grease savings.

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