Sofasco AC and DC cross-flow fans available from Aerco

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As part of the exclusive distributor agreement with US fan manufacturer Sofasco, Aerco now supplies an extensive range of AC and DC cross-flow fans. Sometimes known as tangential or blower wheels, cross-flow fans generate a wide, even flow of air parallel to the unit being cooled providing, in many applications, improved cooling efficiency and lower noise levels compared with axial fans. They are suitable for convectors, air curtains, display information boards, drying units, air-conditioning systems and electronic enclosures.

Sofasco AC cross-flow fans are available with 110–120V and 220–240V supply voltage with wheel diameters ranging from 60mm to 110mm with AC capacitor motors and from 30mm to 60mm with shaded pole motors. DC versions are supplied in 12V, 24V and 48V with impellers ranging from 25mm to 43mm in diameter and from 76mm to 360mm in length for brushless models while DC brush models are available in 60mm and 321mm.

RoHS certified, various speeds are available and ‘third-wire’ signal detection is available for automatic temperature control systems. For further information about Sofasco AC and DC cross-flow fans, please go to

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