High-current terminals have push-in connection technology

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High-current terminals have push-in connection technologyThe new PT Power 95 high-current terminals from Phoenix Contact make it possible to easily connect and wire rigid or flexible ferruled conductors up to 95mm² directly and without the need for tools.

As soon as the conductor is inserted, the contact springs open automatically. With lower insertion forces, it is easy to plug in a conductor and establish a contact. The high contact forces exceed those stipulated by the relevant standards and ensure that high-quality, reliable conductor contacts are established. All it takes to remove a conductor is to press the newly designed release button that can be actuated with a standard screwdriver. This transfers the force to the inner contact springs and opens them to their maximum extent. The orange colour of the button clearly identifies it as an actuating element, thus preventing mistakes from being made.

Rated at 232A and 1500V, the new range of high-current terminals includes several terminal types. These include universal terminals with and without test sockets, a protective earth terminal that automatically contacts the mounting rail when mounting, preassembled terminal blocks, and flange terminal blocks for direct mounting without mounting rails.

The fully insulated AGK pick-off terminals with optional snap-on technology facilitate voltage tapping for two 16mm² conductors. Multi-pin insertion bridges are available for simple potential distribution. Large labelling materials and testing accessories from the Clipline complete terminal block system line round out the product range.

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