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Ex-stock, high-precision racks and pinionsR. A. Rodriguez is extending their KHK range to include a new, European-manufactured range of KHK-branded high-precision racks and pinions. Available with straight or helical teeth, these new KHK products are available in a choice of sizes and qualities to suit a variety of rotary-to-linear and linear-to-rotary motion requirements

These precision gears are available in 500, 1000 and 1500mm lengths, with metric tooth pitches from modules 0.79 to 12 and with soft, case-hardened or induction-hardened and ground racks. Teeth are finished by hobbing or grinding and in square or rectangular section. Special profiles are also available as a standard option.

In addition to providing KHK rack and pinion gear sets, R. A. Rodriguez and its distributors are able to supply complete drives with zero backlash gearboxes.

The new KHK rack and pinion systems are suitable for applications requiring precise positioning and repeatability, and those that involve high loads and duty cycles. Typically they will be specified for machine tools and automation systems for woodworking, glass working and materials handling.

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